Originally from South Arkansas, Adam grew up deep in the suburbs of Calhoun County, in a metropolis known as Thornton, Arkansas. (Population 390). After high school, Adam attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello with a major in business. He is married to Candace Livingston and has three kids: Morgan, Ayden, and Emry.

Adam’s goal is to find every customer the perfect house through total dedication and professionalism. He is a full-time realtor and provides coverage for all Central Arkansas with extended coverage throughout the State as needed. He is open and honest with his clients and spares no effort to provide them with superlative service due to his 12 years of experience as an advisor and manager in the customer service industry. This combined with his first-hand knowledge of buying, selling, and investing in property will make the real estate process smooth and enjoyable.

When not working assiduously for his clients, you will find Adam looking up words he doesn’t know and availing himself of them, grilling out, playing guitar and singing, and upgrading/tweaking any tech or “smart thing” his wife will allow. He also likes to work out hardcore once or twice about every six months.